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Marcin Kaminski
Born March 10, 1977 in Wroclaw, Poland.
International Chess Grandmaster since 1996.

Marcin's chess career began as a very successful junior player in the late 80's and early 90's. He was twice the World Junior Champion in both 1989 and in 1991, and silver medalist in the 1993 European Championships. He has also won many Polish Junior Championships. Member of the Polish Team for a few Olympiads and European Team Championships. Twice Olympic bronze medalist, on sixth board in 1994 and on fifth board in 1998. Winner of many tournaments, among them are: Katowice 1995 (one of the strongest Polish open), Lazne Bohdanec (Category 10) 1996, Koszalin 1997 (one of the strongest European open), Ken Smith Memorial in Dallas both 2001 and 2002.

Currently lives in Dallas and attends the University of Texas at Dallas and seeks a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. Due to his enhancement and big influence to the UTD Chess Team, they managed to win the "Final Four" in Miami, Florida (April 7, 2002) and became the best college chess team in the United States. 2004 - Pan American Champion!

Regarding to chess skills he is a well-known world class specialist in French Defense. He is the author of many improvements and novelties in Chigorin Defense and King's Indian Defense. Click here to see some of his best chess games. Apart from his chess life, he has been practicing for many years in the martial arts of Kyokyushin, Tai Chi and Kung-Fu.

"Please feel free to ask me any question concerning our Chess Academy, software, books etc. I'm here to be your chess adviser and to let you take advantage of my chess knowledge. Looking forward to serve you." - Marcin Kaminski
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