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Add Personal Assessment to your cart! Personal Assessment

Price: $195.95

Our Personal Assessment service is your chance to have a grandmaster personally help you improve your chess skills. He will evaluate your overall chess game strengths and weaknesses, and suggest paths for improvement - advice tailored to you.

Personal Assessment is divided into following steps:

  1. You will answer several questions related to your chess experience, expectations etc.
  2. You will send us 10 - 20 of your most recent games, including any notes that you may have.
  3. We will go thru the information received from you and we analyze your games.
  4. Finally, we will contact you personally with our evaluation and your personal guide for improvement.


Performed by GM M. Kaminski and GM P. Blehm.

customer reviews
Christian Mathes
I think the personal assessment was very useful for me and I consider to cooperate with you in the future.
Claus Stenstrup, Denmark
Thank you for your assessment of my games. I must say I am very impressed and feel that you have hit the nail right on the spot. What you write about my confidence, patience and fighting power during a chess game is absolutely correct. ... I wanna thank you again for your assessment. Now I know in what direction my studies should go.
I thank you for this assesment. You have correctly reached into my mindset during play. I have immediately set out to plan my chess study accordingly. i will let you know of results and come back for another assesment after a short period of time. Kirk
Pablo Perera
Dear Master: Thank you very much for your assesment and suggestions regards on training and preparation. I read carefully your words and found it very useful for developing my chess level. Maybe my interest in all about chess bring me a wide but superficial aproach not at all compatible with competitive success. I have the chance now for work in my chess and i find invaluable your comments about the direction where i can concentrate my efforts in a more efficient way. Discipline, concrete training on my weakest points and hard work depends on me... i'll contact you when get my Fide Master title! Thanks again. Pablo.
Paul Coggiola, Australia
The Personal Assessment provided by Marcin was extremely useful and enabled me to focus my attention on my weak points. As his Personal Assessment was tailored to my strengths and weaknesses, it was worth ten chess books which may or may not have been relevant to my style. Nothing beats having a GM as a coach!"
Sonny Kamberi, Dallas
Thanks for your analysis of my game and answer to my question. They obviously were well-thought out and of a very high quality.
Todd Moore, Florida
Grandmaster Kaminski,
I just received my ChessAid assessment by you and am quite blown away by the quality of your analysis. I felt like I had you all to myself for a couple days of analysis. With the .pgn games I sent you from previous matches your in-depth diagnosis has exposed my weaknesses and helped me to grasp the bigger picture of positional strategy. Also the book titles you recommended have already started to impact my game exponentially. Iíll be sure to enlist another ChessAid analysis in the next couple months to take me to that next level. I am deeply grateful for such a fantastic service (at the price of decent lunch) and have already begun to tell my friends of your product. Call yourself Doctor Kaminski as your prescription has made me better. Again Thank you.
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