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Add Opening Advice to your cart! Opening Advice

Price: $195.95

Our Opening Advice service is your chance to have a grandmaster personally help you to set up the optimal opening repertoire for you. Nowadays theory has become one of the most important part of the chess game and a good opening repertoire is the key to the success.

Opening Advice is divided into following steps:

  1. You will answer several questions related to your chess experience, favoured openings etc.
  2. You will send us 30 - 50 of your most recent games, including any notes that you may have.
  3. We will go thru the information received from you and we analyze your games determining your style to match best openings with.
  4. Finally, we will contact you personally with our suggestions and the optimal repertoire for you.


Performed by GM M. Kaminski and GM P. Blehm.

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