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free chess test
Test has been taken 55244 times. Average score is: 4.7806 out of 30.

If you plan to do any chess training, you must be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Training can take time and effort and it is best to focus where improvements will make the biggest impact. We offer this FREE TEST to help you gauge your abilities to better direct your chess training. Chess Aid has prepared this test, to let you check your chess skills (chess strategy, chess tactic, endgames) and estimate your chess rating based upon your test score.

Whenever you decide to improve your chess knowledge by purchasing the Chess Course, your test score will be very useful for us, because we will prepare the content of the chess course to match exactly your current chess level.

During the test you are to use English version of the short algebraic notation. The short algebraic notation is written by indicating the piece moving and the square it goes to, except in the case of a pawn move, where you only write the square it goes to. The pieces are indicated by only one capital letter:

K for King
Q for Queen
R for Rook
B for Bishop
N for Knight
(Pawns don't need any letter)

Examples of moves: Bf7, Nd4, Qg5, Ke2, Ra1, c4
Important - pieces are designated by CAPITAL letters (K,Q,R,B,N) while squares are designated by lower case letters and numbers (h3,d6,c4,g5). Don't put "x", “:”, “#” or any other signs for capture, check or mate.

We provide following reference to equate your score to approximate ratings:

0 - 12 1600
13 - 18 1800
19 - 25 2000
26 - 30 2100+

Please, enter your email address to subsribe to the Official ChessAid Newsletter and enjoy the test. Good Luck!

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Test developed by GM M. Kaminski and GM P. Blehm.

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